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#159530 - By four thirty Jerry and Katie were the only two people remaining on the deserted stretch of torn up highway, and after scrambling up the ladder into the spacious cab, they immediately began removing their clothing. It got to the point where getting Jerry's load down her throat was all that Katie could think about! Katie's mother was right, her daughter had a cunt that was constantly craving relief, and Katie loved having orgasms with Jerry's penis in her mouth! Jerry looked forward to their little trysts almost as much as Katie did, because how often did you find a beautiful girl who wanted to suck your cock to completion each and every day!!! The only fly in the ointment, as far as Jerry was concerned, was that he really wanted to see what Katie looked like under her work clothes, and he also really wanted to stick his cock into her hot little pussy! The next day when Jerry broached the subject to Katie, he was happy to find out that she had been thinking along the sa

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