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#16470 - Not now when he said getting quite forceful, tonight she said, while we have dinner I'll slip a couple of my sleeping tablets in with his food, he'll be in a deep sleep by 8 o clock, she said he excitedly agreed and slid down the rope, 8 o clock came and like clockwork Phil come a knocking, pissed already, ish he sleeping he slurred, like a baby she said, pointing at me slouched in a chair, pretending to be asleep, Right let's fuck he said, grabbing sky and roughly trying to get her skirt off, Not so fast she said, knocking his mauling hands away, he's going to be asleep all night so there's no rush, first we have a few drinks, I'll let you eat my cunt out till I cum, then it's your turn, ok ok Phil said grabbing the drink my wife had just drugged with sleeping pills and a Viagra. My wife was practically screaming in pleasure. SHE GRABBED HIS DICK AND PULLED IT UP TO MEET HER LIPS.

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