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#84888 - I awoke for my host lust level was very high, I saw who had triggered his lust, I became aware of his fantasy, he wanted her but would do nothing about it, his way was too slow so I took her despite the struggle she put up, there was no hot passionate kisses, no caresses to excite us, no soft words of sweetness in praise of her beauty and splendid figure, it was lust in the raw essence, I am not my host, I am not the romantic. The trip from the second floor to the basement was like a ten block trip in a taxi at the height of the rush hour. Things could of turned out differently if there was some one on the first floor that needed the elevator, no such luck, our destiny was written and changes couldn't be made, so we crept down to the basement to meet our fate.

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Awww man
That was perfect i could watch hours of this
Kensuke aida
Thank you i will buy new camera on the next week
Sakuya izayoi
Thats not very practical