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#361214 - Rikimarue looks at Ayame, smiles and then says She was captured by three Orcs who gangraped and impregnated her and she gave birth to an Orc, and before Ou - Chan broke her this whore actually believed that she could raise her Orc Son and he wouldn't try to rape and impregnate, is that not the most retarded thing you've ever heard? . Merik says You should get some sleep before the Orcs gangrape you tonight and he takes Ayames Son, lowers the barrier and leaves the room, Rikimarue says If you continue being a good demon cum dumpster then we'll let you see your Son again , Ayame smiles and says Thank you master . Closing the Portal that Ou - Chan steped through but not the portal that leads to Rikmarues house Ou - Chan grabs Ayame in his huge hand and rams his already erect giant monster cock into her mouth and brutally rapes her mouth, as she gags on Ou - Chans giant monster cock she hears Rikimarue say Enjoy your surprise and she watches as Rikimarue and Merik step through

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