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#287653 - As soon she was led back to her own carved log as now the Priestess was awaiting her and grabbed her by the arm and pushed her onto the log as Amie now cried out; Oh III cccannnottt dddo this!! But the Priestess headed her pleadings with no avail and simply forced her head and shoulders onto the carved log and made her get on her knees onto the pad placed under them and stepped behind her now and spread her long legs out and pulled at her hips raising her ass up into the air higher and now comfortable with how she had her one of the other tribal women knelt beside her and opened her butt cheeks widely as the Priestess now had knelt between her legs and had the same sort of straw used on Ellen and Marie and now shoved it as deeply as possible into Amie's virgin pussy and blew into it as Amie let out a squeeling and painfull echo as her head flung back as she said: OOhhhhhh mmmyyy pppussssy oh my pussssy is opp oppening up innside meeeee! Ohhh II cccan't tttake it ann

Read White Chick [Juder] Lilith`s Cord (第二季) Ch.61-68 [Chinese] [aaatwist个人汉化] [Ongoing] - Original Sexteen Lilith`s CordCh.61-68

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