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#315224 - I loved waking up early on a Sunday, and knowing I didn’t have to get up to go to work. Something that really turned me on about Lucy, was her smell, and I don’t mean the perfume she wore, although she did have good taste when it came to that! No, what I mean is that I often find myself picking yesterdays panties out of the laundry basket, and smelling the crotch of them, while masturbating. We had experimented a few times, and satisfied each others fantasies, but there was one thing I had not shared with Lucy, something that turned me on, but I wasn’t sure why, or how to explain it, without feeling embarrassed.

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Izumi tachibana
Dats pretty interesting thank you
I d pay to ride that cock
Beautiful lady everyone needs an orgasm but sadly she forgot to remove it and had to give a public orgasm embarrassing