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#252556 - He lets his gaze wander her body for the moment she gives him as she appreciates his looks and with a small smile and a glint in her eyes she snaps her fingers by her head and he looks up with a guilty look in his eyes. He turns on his professional tone, “I will have to continue with my rectal examination now, please remain calm as I will endeavour to make it as painless as possible”. Grinning devilishly she did a small twirl before leaning forward, giving him a good look down her cleavage before she stands up straight pursing her lips, giving him a mock look of disapproval before saying aloud “You know, if you don’t keep your lecherous eyes to yourself, I will have to find you a much less attractive nurse to look at” she continues her cheeky grin but with an added bit of colour to her cheeks, which makes her all the more attractive as the colour compliments her sleek red hair perfectly.

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