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#62817 - He let out a long groan and flexed his knees so that he was level with my tits and I felt his meat throbbing and pulsing in my and then thick white semen exploded out of him and splashed over my naked flesh as he gasped with each spurt until his cock started to shrivel and told me how good it had felt. We were still open on the Monday and Tuesday and it was my job to make sure all the books were in the correct order on the shelves or in neat piles so that they could be counted easily as we were shutting all day on the Wednesday. They were in full colour but in foreign languages and he laughed at my quizzical look, saying the men did not buy them to read but to get excited looking at the pictures.

Read Freckles おがちんはおしっこしたくてしょうがない隊? - Mitsudomoe Monster Dick おがちんはおしっこしたくてしょうがない隊?

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