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#195803 - Her crotch was warm so I pulled the lips apart now I could see inside her pussy lips good ,she didn’t even move, she now was laying back eyes closed, I should start fingering her I thought just to see if she will let me and if she will like it, so I slid in my finger in slow and just like before she jerks and moans a little but when I rubbed that one spot she squealed and shook this is the spot I was going to attack her with to see her so excited and nasty, that was all I wanted, so away I went sliding in and out rubbing hard into her spot and she responded immediately with rocking hips and moans then as I put 2 fingers in she Gasps and say honey that’s very good but be careful and then she starts grinding into my fingers harder and we are now in rhythm she’s rocking into me and I am shoving hard into her pussy she spreads her legs open so far I couldn’t believe it, then she starts fucking my fingers, My mom was a sex freak she was so nasty like this, the noises and her sexy moving was

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