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#233054 - she thrashed around, issuing guttural noises from deep within her throat, and finally slumped forward on top of me, harshly whispering in my ear “IF YOU THINK I’VE FINISHED WITH YOU YET … YOU’RE VERY MUCH MISTAKEN …” When I finally awoke to full consciousness, she was still towering over me, with her right stiletto heel pressed hard into my chest, and growled “If you EVER touch my little sister again … I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU! … in future you will ONLY answer to ME … AND you WILL do whatever I tell you”!! Turns out she WASN’T the virgin her sister had taken her for – but BETTER YET – she was intent on continuing MY enslavement … only draw-back was that she seemed to be putting the mockers on any relationship with ‘my-little-whore’ – her sister! – I just hope I’m more conscious for the next episode!. FUCK – I had fantasised about HER long enough! This just wasn’t right! “GET ON YOUR KNEES YOU PERVERT” … FUCK – I never imagined she could be THIS dominant! – she’s only 14! … b

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