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#196978 - My girlfriend Ashley is a petite girl, around 5'2 125 and a beautiful ass! I told her about my fantasy one time and we had some hot sex afterward, I did not tell her about the other man being black because I was embarrassed enough that she knew I wanted to watch someone else fuck her. You could tell right after she said it she thought she said too much, But it was the ice breaker! Dante scooted closer to her and put an arm around her smiled as he looked in her eyes and said, it is not a myth baby as he grabbed her hand and put it on his cock. I found a listing that said he was ddf and professional, Dante was his name and his pics showed he worked out, was very dark and pretty tall, 6'2 most of all he had a tape measure on his dick that didn't look completely hard and his length was 10! Now how do I get this set up? I sent the man pics of my girl and told him what was up, he came up with a great idea.

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