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#49704 - Once back at home, I went in the bed room where Jennifer and I usually sleep in the back end of the trailer house and set about putting my clothes away and getting ready to relax for bed a little bit later and make sure that Mendy had everything out of her system so that she could maybe get some good sleep without thinking about the jerk that stole from her. I let Mendy suck on my cock for a little bit and then I said, “Turn around here and straddle my face while you suck my dick, that way I can lick your beautiful pussy to see just how sweet it taste. Jennifer’s sister was still in the hospital doing a bit better but not good enough to be able to go home and the brother-in-law was at his wits end with his wife in the hospital and his wife did not want Jennifer to leave to go home till she was home and doing a lot better.

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