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#418095 - Meyer, I-I need it so badly, just give me a little, that's all I want, just a little!!! A little what, he asked impassively?!? You know what I want, she begged while starting to cry!!! Uh, not really, he replied casually, you'll have to be more specific!!! I need some horse, she moaned, I'm going crazy, please, just give me one more fix and I'll be fine!!! I'm sure you would, he said doubtfully, there's just one problem!!! What problem, she fairly shrieked!?! Well, you see I have a brand new policy, he explained, everyone has to earn their fix, we just can't give it away anymore, Frankie here told me we'd be losing a ton of money if we did that, and since I don't wanna lose any money, we just instituted a new policy, everybody pays their own way!!! I-I don't have any money, she said wailed, w-what am I going to do!!! See there, he said softly, already you're gettin' with the program, I'm gonn

Read Comedor 【生誕祭】血のように赤く、彼岸に咲く花...... - Princess connect Gemendo 【生誕祭】血のように赤く、彼岸に咲く花......

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Setsuna sakurazaki
Jawel south
Meisuke nueno
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Momo chiyoda
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